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To The Lake Location And Quest Tears Of The Dominion

Link will be capable of journey up waterfalls simply because of this piece of armor, and will in all probability be useful to get rid of the sludge around the Zora area. The lower degree of the city has the Zora Infirmary Domain in it. She will ask you to bring an historical arowana whenever you communicate with her.


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This type of fish is discovered at Mipha’s Court, which is simply as particular as it is. We can return there and do some fishing. If you’ve an historical arowana, return to Yona and provides it to her. Speak with him at Mipha’s Court first, then return to Sidon.

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It is positioned at the top of the waterfall. You can either go Northwest from Mipha’s Court. You can go from the waterfall when you have the Zora armor set. You want to talk to Jiahto to begin the quest. Anyone attempting to achieve the Water Temple should go to the lake.

The Kingdom Wind Temple Had Tears In It

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You have to go to this place to unravel the damaged slate puzzle. If you solve the puzzle, you’ll be taken to the Ancient Zora Waterworks and the Water Temple. There is solely one thing you want to learn about Toto Lake Tears of the Kingdom.

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Jiahto is taking a look at a slate that is lacking. Link wants to find the missing piece of slate in order to get the Broken Slate quest. It is not onerous to find this lacking piece. Link can move the lacking piece of slate over to the ruins entrance and pop it the place it deserves to be. She will give the armor again to us.

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