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Youth Compose And Record A Track In 2 Days

Banjo solo – “Bells with new variations,” D. Brenni; Chorus “Jump into my Canoe,” Company; Song – “Camptown Races,” D. Brenni; Ballad – “Mary May,” F. Garmone; Extravaganza “Get up in de Morning.” F. Harrington. To wind up with the original burlesque of THE HAUNTED HOUSE . For further particulars see bills.

will have the honour of making their first look in Melbourne, and giving a grand Concert at Rowe’s Circus, on Saturday night, June 10th, 1854. Having made arrangements with Caverly Volunteer Fire Company to look with it on all public events, the Band has obtained permission to take its name and put on its uniform. The Band will due to this fact be generally identified as the Caverly Volunteer Band.

and was for many years one of many playing members, and at the time of his demise was one of many trustees . The band, underneath the leadership of Mr. T. Gallagher, discoursed some excellent music during the day, and added significantly to the pleasant character of the fete . SOIREE MUSICALE – ADELAIDE HARMONIC CLUB, Wellington-Inn, Currie-street, each night. All the popular Songs, Glees, Catches, and Chorusses of the day by first-rate artistes. Harmony commences at 7 o’clock.

Isabella MELODIA

The Committee resolved that the Secretary should reply by providing to sell a limited number of copies, now of their possession to Mr. Gee at 18s. – REDFORD CLISBY, in returning his sincere due to the public of South Australia for the liberal patronage loved by him for the final 17 years, begs to state that he has DISPOSED of his BUSINESS to Mr. G. H. EGREMONT GEE, whose inventory will be expressly selected by R. From London and the Continent; and respectfully requests a continuance of that patronage to his successor.

J. Johnson, and later for piano retailer Henry Hurford. Hired by William Henry Paling in 1858, he went on to become a much-respected and long-serving senior employee and shareholder of W. Another deal with in retailer for us is a testimonial concert given to Mr. G. J. Gee,

The Superintendent, Mr. Gibbs, carried out the singing, and composed the music and words of a hymn for the occasion, which was sung through the evening . The property of the late Mr. Michael August Gehde, generally identified as August Gehde, of Darley-road, Randwick, pianoforte tuner, has, for probate purposes, been valued at £25,260, of which £10,747 represented shares in public corporations, mainly in W. A. Paling and Co., Ltd. The testator, who died on March 30 inst., appointed George Frederick Williamson (now deceased),

And Mr. Gibbs, who will make his first appearance on this colony at a concert, and has kindly consented to play a solo . For a brief interval, in late 1850 and early 1851, John additionally seems to have taken over the musical retail and publishing enterprise of George Hudson, a colleague within the theatre orchestra. He advertised in December 1850, from Hudson’s handle, as J.

A Biographical Register Of Australian Colonial Musical Personnel–g (ga-gly)

– On the 18th May, on the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. H. Kemp), Jones street, Nailsworth, Elizabeth Jane, relict of George Reuben Millar, late of the Hermitage, in her 81st 12 months. Arrived within the ship Katharine.

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“What a tremendous alternative. I can’t wait to see what they produce after two intense days in the studio. Their recordings might be performed on the Youth event at Leggett Park on Thursday, April 18.” “The younger individuals get the chance to compose and record their very own original song on the Rock Con this week as part of the program.” “Preschoolers are exploring the world of music with Blake Selmes and the Melodia program full of dancing, singing, puppets, games and devices. “We know mother and father are all the time in search of something to do within the holidays, so we now have one thing on for all age teams,” she stated.

and the following yr fashioned an expert partnership with local musician Alfred Dentith. – In unhappy but Isabella MELODIA loving remembrance of our pricey father, Henry Walsh Gaggin, of Clarence Town, who handed away April 11, 1910, aged 80 years.

the first comers of those accepted having the preference. Mr. Gilfillan was provided one hundred guineas for this image by a gentleman in Sydney; and it is gratifying to find by a observe from Mr. Foster, one of many editors of the Examiner, that Mr. Edwin Landseer had spoken of it with approbation. Mr. Power had forwarded the image to the Free Art Exhibition at Hyde Park Corner.